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Film simulationsFuji

30 sec exposures in the night w/ Ilford HP5 film sim recipe

For starters, I have to tell you about an idea I had... And the idea is that I…
Film simulationsFuji

Spring & Scanned Superia film recipe, candid photography

This blog is another one composed of photos taken about 3 months ago late April early May. The…
Film simulationsFuji

City structures in the night, Jeff Davenport style

Hello freaks. I know. It's been kinda lazy summer photographywise. Actually pretty lazy in every way possible. So…
Film simulationsFuji

Middle Ages in Nostalgia Color Film Simulation Recipe

What we gonna do right here is go back... way back...  back into time. But not that far…
Film simulationsFuji

Midsummer with the Fujicolor Natura 1600 film recipe

The Finnish Midsummer is an important time and celebration for us Finns. I think it is as important…
Film simulationsFuji

Vintage motors and vintage frames

This is the first time I have ever been to a motor show or race of some sorts.…
Film simulationsFuji

Las aguas negras de la Costa Finlandesa

The heading should translate to English as The black waters of the Coast of Finland. And yes I…
Film simulationsFuji

Spinning wheels, spinnind heads and spinning lenses

Actually there was no spinning lenses but just one lens. Buuut it kinda spinned while I spinned so...…
Film photographyMinolta

A zoo, a 135 mm and a 15 year old film

As you can read from the heading, this was a case of combining three elements that made photographing…
Film simulationsFuji

Escaping time with the Scanned Superia film simulation

For a while now I've had my eyes on this little enclosure in the neighbouring town. My son…
Film simulationsFuji

Welcome to the dark side – Rough frames

Yeah I know... Sorry about the poor Star Wars narrative but it was the best I could come…
Film simulationsFuji

Light, camera, castle – Fujicolor Negative in action

After and alongside the camera obscura course which was held at this 700 year old medieval castle, I…
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