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What we gonna do right here is go back… way back…  back into time. But not that far what The Jimmy Castor Bunch sang about in Troglodyte, but to the Middle Ages…

So in Turku Finland we have this thing called Keskiaikaiset Markkinat (Middle Ages Market) where you have a bunch of people dressed in medieval clothes and acting like that as well. And a lot of people selling handmade stuff etc., like a real market.

Turku is the oldest city in Finland (founded in 1229) and it’s name basically means a market place. So we have a market in a market place that is in a market place. Like a glitch in a matrix. Anyways, I thought that trying a new vintage style recipe would be a good idea. Well here’s how it went…

Beard game was out of bounds.

Nice cap, no cap.

Asked this man if I could take a pic and he said yes. Thanks man, looking good!

Rough day for the pig.

Got the evil eye.

Welcome to the candy shop…

Nuns from Minsk, hope they pray for Ukraine.

This stand was the best.

Sahti pub. Sahti is traditional Finnish home-brewed unfiltered strong beer.

Met some friends too!

Long live the King!

Wifey liked this stand for some reason.

These blades are made of Damascus steel. The one in the front is made of over 80 layers and the one behind it is from over 200 layers of steel (or was it 500?). Anyway the less shapes are showing, the more layers are involved.

Missed the horses and tournaments but saw these dudes horsing around.

The last dance. The event ended.

The recipe used was Nostalgia Color by FujiXWeekly, you can check it out here. It is pretty similar to Vintage Color recipe but this one is not that strong in green hue. I like this one maybe more since it is not that tinted. Camera was the beloved X100V.

Have a nice summer!


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