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The Finnish Midsummer is an important time and celebration for us Finns. I think it is as important as Christmas, maybe even more since it is not riddled with religious stuff which most people don’t care much about. Also the tradition comes from the celebration of the solstices (midsummer and winter) which are purely astronomical events. It is basically time to go out to the nature and connect with it. Probably drunk but connected anyways!

Well this midsummer me and my family of six were blessed to get to go to a cabin and an island of a friend of mine. Actually while writing this I am still here and loving it like Mc Donald’s…

So anyways let’s get to the chase… And the chase is Natura 1600 film recipe by nothing else than FujiXWeekly. I know I know it is for X-E4 but I am stuck with my X100V so that is what we will use.

So I took these few pics… and. I. Fokin. Love. This. Shit. I think the film recipe works pretty well with these close ups of flowers etc… Yeah kinda hipster but still not quite. Just… perfect.

Ok next quad, still feelin it. Ok ok.

Just love the pine cone pic… The softness of the colors… Noice.

Two pics of the dogs, nothing planned but I really really like the soft effect of this recipe.

I took many flicks of my fam but these are the only ones I will include of people just to give reference.

I think there is a reason why both the film and the film recipe based on it is/was called Natura 1600. This recipe BANGS with the nature photos. I took quite a lot of same kind of images here but that is just because the closeups just looked really cool. And the tones are soft and pretty. Like nature itself. Although the X100V does not totally support the recipe, you can definitely try it and for me it worked out fine like this.



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