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For a while now I’ve had my eyes on this little enclosure in the neighbouring town. My son has a friend living close by and I frequently give him a ride to visit him. And as frequently I forget this place and my camera. It has just been looking so pictoresque that I always think that I have to go check this place out.

So today I did it and yes was a good call. Short, but good call. Time stood still in here. But it was not totally abandoned, there was fresh tire tracks and a sign stating a video surveillance was taking place. But I saw no such thing.

The doors were closed and the buildings were full of old stuff as far as I could tell. So I stayed outside. I did go inside the old sauna, which was great, but otherwise I didn’t do too much snooping around.

And I was really really fighting the urge of not shooting black and white…

Rows of bitches birches are welcoming us into the old farm.

The first thing that pops in to the view is this old wooden boat that sadly was left to rot away. Like most of the place. You can still see the beautiful shape though. And the wooden helm…

The main house was the cake and the cherry on top. Classic Finnish cake from the early-mid 1900’s?

Side view.

Only shot I took of the inside. There’s a telescope?

Second boat.

Third boat. And this one looks pretty expensive. I wonder what has happened here…

The year I was born they made this potato cellar? It looks 1979 to me… but papers tell otherwise… continue to find out.

Sauna. The place to be. And wash. And drink. And deliver babies.

Someone left shoes and then left altogether.

Wow the buckets still neatly in place. Been like this for 50 years?

So 1968 was probably the year the place was abandoned, since the papers were close and inside the sauna (as kindlings). It looks though like the place has been used as a warehouse later and still is.

So I chose this Scanned Superia film simulation recipe by FujiXWeekly for this trip, because I felt it matched the spirit of the place… Well that’s the fancy meaning anyways. Real reason is that I just had it ready to go since I had taken shots with it few days already. The light was mainly pretty dull but I had few sunbeams and that’s when this recipe shined. It pushes greens, blues and reds and makes this nostalgic feeling to the images. Without light it just flattens everything in my opinion, but still works somehow.

Like I said, I have been using this recipe for few days and when the sky is clear, it looks so good. This case was not the best to present the recipe, but was mainly about the place itself. I might do a follow up with people, focusing to the recipe.

Thanks if you got this far!

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