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After and alongside the camera obscura course which was held at this 700 year old medieval castle, I also took some photos with my beloved Fuji X100V. The light was pretty awesome inside the castle, so decided to focus on that. Light.

I don’t have any theory behind my achievements to back up my photography, just the basic trial and error and let’s-see-what-happens kind of way.

Yeah so here they are. …And one more thing. I think I took some of my absolute best photos ever. Which was nice.

These first ones aren’t anything special though, they’re there just to give you an impression of the courtyard on the oldest part of the castle. Tourist pics you know.

I was taking shots outside the castle when this lady addressed me saying: ”Did you hear something? Did you hear something?” I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t say anything. She then came to me and told that she comes here everyday feeding birds, that she has 12 birds that know her. I then observed a little bird that shortly stopped on her hand to eat some seeds. I then grabbed my camera and asked if it was ok to take a picture, which she agreed. We then stood there for a while waiting a bird to come, but sadly without results.

This was once again one of those weird moments that sometimes happens while photographing outside. I am positive that without a camera I would’ve missed this brief meeting with the bird lady.

My mind glass is playin’ tricks on me…

Birgitta staring like it’s year 1400 again.

This was one of my absolute favorites. The ambient light flowing on the huge walls… that’s some sorcery right there!

This image of the maids is absolutely on point. Two of the women were in high school with me the same time. In 1629. 🙂

Guess I liked taking pics of people through windows.

Hang in there buddy.

I liked how the Fujicolor Negative film simulation recipe (by FujiXWeekly) worked out here. The beautiful green tones looked absolutely fabulous inside the stone walls. I don’t like too much green, I’m more into blue hues but here the green seemed to be fantastic. The recipe doesn’t base to any particular film, but is more of a mixture I think. It still has great film-like qualities though. Try it!

I took many pics, but wanted to focus the ones with a nice and dark lighting.

These outside photos look almost pictorialistic… I really love how these turned out. Btw there is a pictorialist photography exhibition in The Finnish Museum of Photography in Helsinki that I should go and see. Maybe at Easter time…


Easter egg: A servant waiting his carriage to come.

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