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This is the first time I have ever been to a motor show or race of some sorts. It just appealed to me to go to check out some old automobiles and motorcycles that I normally don’t see. And they are also pretty darn photogenic too. I figured that vintage motors demanded vintage style frames so I chose to use the Vintage Color film recipe by FujiXWeekly. Also the event was free so what the hell…

Took our two youngest kids with wifey and headed to the skull place. If you don’t know, skull place aka ”pääkallonpaikka” is a Finnish term for a place where the main things happen.

Let’s hit the road Jack.

Like you would suspect, there were some old heads too.

This one reminded me of the art of ”neppaus”, type of outdoor sports played in Finland with small toy cars where you snap your thumb against the car to push it forward.

S & GT. Both looking cool.

Yeah preach that motor gospel brother! Saab 96 brings out some weird car memories but that’s another story… And this one might be Saab 95 anyhow…

This one was funny, like the car!

The Beetle was my parents first car and probably the first one I have ever been in.

Just a normal way to park for a MB driver.

Only alphas in the place.

There were three rounds of cars going 15 mins at a time and then three rounds of motorcycles I guess.

Master of ceremony.

After seeing this image I knew I had missed something since this was the best frame in my opinion… I could have been panning the moving objects but instead I captured movement. And that way basically missing the main point, the cars and bikes. See next images for reference…

This frame is nice too.

Overall this trip was mostly documentary, catching vibes, not so much artsy. I think I could’ve taken better shots but with family aboard my focus was not all there. Also took almost all shots towards backlight. Liked the event though and weather was nice!


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