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Actually there was no spinning lenses but just one lens. Buuut it kinda spinned while I spinned so… anyways let’s continue. There has been a two year gap with the 1st of May carnival so it was really nice to finally be able to enjoy some of the rides it provided. Took the two youngest kids out with the wifey and they just loved it. Like me. Spent 5-6 hours just having fun. And queing… Because the park was PACKED. I spent most of the time queing 30-45 mins to every equipment ffs… but I enjoyed it anyways. Took some pics too. Didn’t bother to change the scanned superia recipe. That’s about it. Hop on!

The giant whore wheel was the first one to try. Got some unusual angles…

The ghost train sucked ass big time! Almost as bad as Lordi in the Eurovision song contest, that was true horror.

Waiting with the shadows.

The screaming kid was a nice surprise. For me at least. As a photographer I mean.

The scariest pic I took.

Big green men.

Artsy fartsy.

I like this one a lot!

The neverending lines…

Tried out longer shutter speeds with the ND filter on. Some worked out, most didn’t. The usual stuff.

Very descriptive background for a desinfection table.

Fun and games is just smoking mirror.

Kids playing cereals. Yes cereals. Nice ending for a nice day out!


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