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For starters, I have to tell you about an idea I had… And the idea is that I could use some music in the blogs… I might get Nobel Prize for this but it’s ok.  So starting now, I will add some moody melodies for you to enoy while checking the flicks. So please click the link, you might even catch your new favourite artist while you’re at it!

This blog is about a night out after a successful art exhibion opening. So the pics are also kinda artsy. We gathered out drinking and vibing outside in the local park, enjoying the warm summer night… My closest (and oldest) friends had left earlier and I was around a lot of people I didn’t know of,  so I felt somewhat an outsider (although this is a bit of an exaggeration but I am trying to build a story here). I fortunately had my camera and started taking pics.

I noticed soon that with a quite long exposure I could turn the blackness of the night to an eerie lightness, which I like. Also the movements are captured and turning people into shadow people.

But I have to be truthful, I was kinda drunk and didn’t use the camera properly all the time. So there might few extra shakes here and there that just adds to the combo… 😀 I tried to use the rocks as a base but still turned out to move the camera accidentally. Then again, who really cares!

This one is the best in my opinion.

These image above and below are taken little apart of each other. The bottom pic shows a little bit how dark it actually was, because the focus is in the light of the phone. Otherwise the darkness in the images is basically completely gone.

Here you can clearly see that the camera has moved 😀 but still good looking image imo.

Few from the bar too!

I finally got to use the Ilford HP5 film simulation and I must say, I quite liked it! Although here are only long exposures, I have taken many normal still shots and I’m feeling it, like the film itself too.


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