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Yeah I know… Sorry about the poor Star Wars narrative but it was the best I could come up since I didn’t actually have any specific motive or project in mind for this blog.

Then again, it is kinda appropriate heading for these murky pics of this local abandoned tile factory. I would highly recommend getting a book called Ruins Of The Working Class if you like this kind of a scenery + more information about the building etc.

I have lately been drawn towards high contrast black and white photography. There is something really pleasing for my graphic designer eyes. Simplicity and room for imagination are probably the key words why. And there is also some tradition behind. Which is always a good thing.

Took these with the Fuji X100V using the Padilla film recipe. Also I had ND filter on for some of the pics since I took a bit longer exposures at times and used a small tripod.

Ok let’s go in…

You’ll shit tiles when you see it.

Another view.

Well this is grim.

Still lifes.

Scared yet?

I noticed that in some hand held flicks the frame is tilted to right. Specially in the darker ones. Maybe the lack of light makes my balance shift or something..

This one is pretty grim too.

This photo has an ominous feeling to it… Just waiting something to appear in the doorway…

Let’s leave you with that feeling for now… see ya…

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