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This blog is another one composed of photos taken about 3 months ago late April early May. The spring had just started here in Finland and trees and flowers hadn’t started to blossom yet. The grass was turning slowly to green.

I noticed I had few photos taken in the classic street photography style, which is my favorite style of photography. Candid photography. Although candid photography is IMO a notch on top of basic street photography. It’s like perfect street photography. Meaning capturing the absolut best moment without posing. Then again, a candid photograph can be taken for example of a person who knows it is about to happen, but he/she/whatever still does not pose.

So 1. you can take a candid photo of a person and they know it’s going to happen, or 2. the subject does not know about it, in any case it does not matter, it is still candid photography as long as they don’t pose.

Also, even if the subject does not know about taking the photo (in a public place), it is still not secret photography. It is just photography and legally ok (in most places anyway). Candid just basically refers that it is not planned. But if a person notices that you are taking a candid photo and asks you to remove it, please do so. Even if you legally don’t have to remove the pic, it is ethical to do it anyway. I have had looks but nobody has yet asked me to remove anything…

After the rant, a photo dump of people:

The kiss. One of my best photos fr.

There’s a man in there somewhere.

Sometimes the most important part of the photo is not right in front of you. Like the man on the left in the top photo who looks fascinating. Or you have to look down like in the bottom photo…

This one is partly not a successful photo, I tried to capture the women in the restaurant looking at me while doing it (not doing IT you dirty mind), but the reflections came forward. It still looks kinda nice so here it is.

Just perfect.

This one is interesting…

Few family pics to end the blog.

In direct sunlight the Scanned Superia film simulation recipe has pretty strong contrast and it pushes image bit to the dark side. The blues are quite strong as well as shadows. But in the end I kinda like the dramatic look it brings, though too much is too much. In perfect conditions the look is truly amazing.


P.S. Here’s some bonus material not including people:

This dude got removed soon after this pic got taken, for obvious reasons.

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