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The heading should translate to English as The black waters of the Coast of Finland. And yes I used Google Translate. I do not know any Spanish except Vamos ala playa, oh oh oh oh!

Back to the business at hand. If you didn’t already know, Finland has one of the most beautiful coasts in the world. And that is because we actually have thousands of islands. And on those islands we have cabins where we spend our freetime and vacations if possible. Mostly to run away from people that we avoid everyday anyways, but also to get closer to nature. And to drink of course.

Well it so happened that I was invited by a good friend of mine to one of those cabins in the middle of the week to spend a day. This is the visual report of that day. So enjoy these black and white pictures and thanks to the host! There is a reason why the heading is in Spanish 🙂

Birds, trees, waves, clouds, rocks, wind and sun. And the stillness. I like it a lot.


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