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Ok, so I tried this film simulation called Bleach Bypass. It supposed to mimic the effect of a certain color film processing technique, where you skip bleaching. As a result the silver stays on the image and it looks like black-and-white image over a color image. Also the contrast and graininess is quite visible.

After trying it out, I really liked it a lot. But the effect does not quite work with warm colors in my opinion. But. They still look really good as you will see. My short walk around the town had a little surprise. Well two actually…

I thought that the effect would look good with reflections and I was right, but it worked well with basically everything, except straight sunlight where overexposure was pretty obvious.

I included this image although it is overexposed, just because the dude sitting looked funny.

Me looking at me. Brr.

This was the best of the reflection images. Next, the great surprise!

I saw these two girls taking selfies in front of a museum wall. Sun was shining on the pastel wall and people were walking by. It looked so nice that I had to ask to take a few photos. The girls agreed and started posing so naturally! I also sent my images to them via email afterwards. Here’s few.

So beautiful, thanks again girls! As you see, there’s no washed out feel to these. The colors look a bit washed but the warmth is there still. I think it made a great effect anyways.

I like how the girl and her shadow make a similar shape as the church.

Lieutenant Colonel and Knight Adolph Georg von Post, born 1735, died 1788(?).

Some non-tourist-like sights of a tourist sight.

I noticed this party and asked if I could snap a shot. I kinda like taking a photo of a person taking a photo. Weird.

Meats hanging.

More meat.

In the evening I went to a friends exhibition opening at the Space 81 gallery. Barely made it though and snapped this one before entering. Like Batman.

It was a double opening for Olli and Kitti. Thanks a lot guys!

The exhibition master Low de Rok took my photo.

And I took his. He did it better.

The last one is of a violin crafting shop that I saw outside after leaving the exhibition. I mean, it was like 9 p.m. and it was already past my bedtime. GN.

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