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This Kevin Mullins grainy film base simulation is the bomb. It emulates the style of the great Darcy Padilla. Combined with panning I got some hits and some misses. It is not easy panning hand held with slow shutter speeds. But I really like the effect creates. Capturing movement, reflections and weird looks just does it for me. Grain, black and white, mist, rain, shadows, rust…. all good stuff in my books.

This was also the first time using my new Fuji X100V with intention. So a lot to learn and a lot to better at. But still I think I captured some nice moments, plus few very good stills without panning that I will share in a separate post. I also included some failed shots that were still good in a spaced out way.

So the method I used was to start the first day with a shutter speed of 1/8 second. Then 1/15 on a second day and 1/30 on third. I also activated the in-built ND filter that reduces exposure by three stops, which allowed slower shutter speeds or wider apertures to be used with brightly lit subjects, making it possible to blur motion or soften background details without the risk of overexposure. And then panning to moving subjects.

And soon it was clear that getting it with 1/8 was going to be really hard… but those that worked, ahh bellissimo!

Day 1, 1/8

Starting with this old man cycling, pretty good one right from the get go.

Not totally there but close.

This is also one of the failed ones, but the man looks so fokin crazy that it belongs here.

This shot is probably the best of all of the images I took during the three days. The man in the middle of the crossroad looks straight to the camera and is still while most of the people are moving. This is the effect I was going after, love it!

Another funky half steppin dude.

Here only the face is still. The serious look just adds more to it.

Imagine getting the movement of rollator on film. I mean memory card. Cough.

I thought first that this was failed pic but then noticed that the house, ground and the dude on the left are all kinda sharp and only moving parts are blurry like they should be.

Yeah baby!

A moving car. Like lightspeed fast.

Ending day one with another biker that went pretty fast and curving, so this one is alright.

Day 2, 1/15

To be honest, I didn’t notice that much difference with shooting 1/15 shutter speed compared to the 1/8. Also I got a bit distracted taking basic stills. And birds. Like gulls, pigeons and crows. The only birds in town.

But anyways here’s some.

The dog looks like a model on a catwalk. Sorry dogwalk.

Day 3, 1/30

Here you start to see the difference to the previous speeds. The background is not that blurry anymore and people more sharp. This shot of this working lady was pretty successful.

I got some good stills from here, too bad this bearded man wasn’t all there. I mean the shot.

Another day, another cop car.

With this speed you can start to experiment shooting while walking.

A guy stealing books. Or maybe just bought ’em from the bookstore sale. Who knows.

I like skateboarding so this is blasphemy. But the dudes were cool and let me take a few shots. They also started talking English to me but I didn’t correct them, just enjoyed my moment being a cool foreigner. The second pic is kinda good in a weird way.

Bus driver walking and smoking. I think I have messed up this otherwise good shot. The black spot is probably my neck strap. Which I have to change to a wrist strap. For obvious reasons.

I’ll leave you to my corner. It was nice to hang around, see ya!

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