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Welcome to the Church of Ball Wax. Yes you read that right, that is LITERALLY the name of this place translated from Finnish. But as they say, there is no shame in the name game. Ball Wax is a beautiful name for a church no matter what they say!

Anyhow, after you have gotten over the name, let’s check out this sweet spot that is going to be teared down because of those infamous indoor air problems. Yeah, this cool piece from 1968 will soon be history. So what way better to immortalize this house of JEE-EE-SUSH than to capture it in black & white. Well, capturing it on film would be better but let’s not talk about it shall we… And to be fair, I took few shots with my Pentax Espio Mini compact camera. There is going to be a post of that too soon.

I just happen to love this 60’s modest, rational, and materials and structures emphasizing architecture. Related to 1930’s functionalism it is one of my favorite styles. So it is a shame the building is in so bad shape.

The shadows playing on the walls looked so nice and made me want to go out and play-ayy too.

My only shot of the insides of this beast.

I included this not-in-focus pic just because I can. And I also happen to like it still.

The cream of the crop, the silhouettes. Awesome band name too.

Although this shot shows the building in all its grace, it is a bit too light to my taste. I find myself to be more fond towards the deep black ones. Where the borders are murky and not so clear.

Spot the dude in the woods. I guess he was there squatting and coughing the whole time. Even my eyes were red after just taking a pic.

They say there’s light in the end of the tunnel.

But all I found out was this local man…

So this completes this two parts long short series of taking photographs with the Kodak Tri-X 400 film simulation. I used a simulation by Anders Lindborg (mid contrast), modded for X100V by Ritchie Rosch of FujiXWeekly. The base/minimum ISO was 1600 so pretty high to start with. I would like to try it out more with portraits/closeups in the future but we’ll see…

Well that’s all for now, see you on the other side!

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