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First of all, I didn’t mean to do two days. But sometimes life just presents itself in a way that you just have to roll with it. Besides, like I had anything better to do than roam around concrete buildings. Except do my work or be with my 4 kids… I admit, the TWO DAYS is bit much said in the heading. It took TWO HOURS of my time in total to get these images. An hour a day, two locations. Since it came to two sets, which are kinda similar, I cut out some pics from this first set so that it won’t be too repeating. I hope.

So let’s get into this first set. It is basically black and white architecture. You can say it is maybe the easiest type of phototography, the subjects don’t move, you have time to get the right angle etc. But than again, you have to dig out the FEELING and LIFE out of the unliving material.

…unliving material, what the hell 😀

Right from the get go, BANG I got this fokin cool pic of this young gentleman here. So now you know, it won’t get any better from this point on… Atleast in the people section of things.

So I’m at a gulag, I mean student village… The pearl of Finnish student villages, built in the 70’s AND STAYED THAT WAY. Ok now I’m being harsh, but I have spent time at these apartments and it ain’t pretty. Smallest apt that I have been was 14 m2. Like two times the size of an average prison cell (don’t ask how I know that). To be fair, they have done a wonderful job building pretty nice housing areas for students nowadays, I guess this is just something that is hard to replace. A remnant from the past.

You probably get the point by now… but it is just so damn beautiful in b&w. The functional build, the shadows and the concrete, it just warms my heart say what you will about the houses…

There you go, few side chicks and white trash.

Yes. There was life outside these concrete boxes. Inside… well guess you have to find out.

This was a nice surprise, somebody quit their job at the sneaker shop and decided to throw all in.

Another representative of mankind.

This is where they hide the bodies.

Jesus I just noticed, we have the same fokin washing machine at our house! What the hell, it’s like 500-600 euros, how rich are these slaves students nowadays to throw away stuff like that? Well I guess the direct drive motor does run out at some point… Probably just right after the 10 year warranty ends.

Buuut anyways. I like this shot a lot. Just the fact that a washing machine is hanging outside with the apple trees looks a bit out of place. So a good photo opportunity opened up, thank you!

This one is one of those shots that look cool on Instagram but doesn’t deliver too much with closer look.

This dude. Couldn’t decide which photo to pick. The first is kinda menacing but the second is otherwise better. Than again they both maybe just bad. I mean, you can’t have two equally good shots, right? But two bad shots you can…

On the east side there are also metal plated buildings. Like anyone cares.

…pen-apple-pen or how did the irritating song go? Sorryyy. 🙂

Yes the self-made sofa from wooden pellets is not a good idea in the winter. And what is this, a haunted student village?

Spotted these two roaming around, almost got away.

Maybe they tried to run away from the pricipals office, it looks to be kinda bad shape.

Somebody left me some messages. That is my surname afterall.

The reason I include these buildings is that they are old building surrounding the campus area. Basically just were in my way.

Nice archs btw.

This is what you call underground photography.

It started to rain so on to the next blog!

I just realised I just talked shit this whole blog and didn’t even mention about what I was doing so here you go. Like it says in the heading, I used Kodak Tri-X 400 film simulation with the Fuji X100V. Basically just trying it out how it would look on a cloudy day in a photographic environment. Meaning lots of shadows and a bit gloomy feeling. Not too much but a little. I cannot judge anything that I do, so you tell me how you liked this small tour. Maybe too many pics afterall… Well see ya, pt. 2 comin up!

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