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I had an idea to show a basic 90’s suburb in a good light so to speak. Well, actually in a good light. I also have had this yearning to do a blog post about night photography, but I haven’t been too happy in my results. Like for a complete blog post. Some good ones here and there, but nothing major. This is like mid, a compromise since I started kinda early.

I don’t like to name my locations, but this one is not a secret if you are from around here (obviously). Anyhow, I just don’t like specifying places. Because it doesn’t matter. For context though, it is a Finnish suburb in one of the biggest towns in Finland.

The buildings looked majestic in the evening light.

It was fokin windy and cold day so people were just rushing inside. I didn’t capture many shots from people, but that was kinda the plan also.

This is what you call abstract architecture photography.

I thought this said CHI when I was there so I had Chi-Town in my mind all the time but it was GHI so nevermind…

Little artsy fartsy pieces here and there. I think they look nice and abstract. I wish there was more of these around the city.

I had to include a bit of rust. It’s a suburb afterall.

These are the last alphabets in Finnish language. So they had to stop building the houses here I guess…

These kids had this huge boombox and blasted gangsta rap in the middle of the yard and it put a smile on my face. Nothing’s changed except the devices it seems.

I crossed to the other side (of the road) and shot few frames of the surroundings.

When the golden and blue hour is going on, there is a big difference in the lighting depending of the direction your shooting. So you get these dark but cool shots when shooting towards backlight.

This was my contestant to be the article photo. A fine shot indeed. A fine shot.

Back of the old community center. Don’t know if it is still in use. Except as a canvas for spray paint.

More sunset, sorry, couldn’t decide. And I like the railroad. So not sorry.

A local inhabitant in his natural environment.

It started to get so dark they had to lit the alphabets. Many thanks from my camera! Which here is the Fuji X100V btw. Btw means bye the way if you didn’t know btw. It’s not special edition of the camera. Btw.

The film simulation I used the whole shooting is called Retro Gold Low Contrast by FujiXWeekly. Check it out, it worked better in low light than most film sims made for the use IMO…

If you don’t have a combined basketball court and a skate park, are you even a suburb?

A little drive-by shooting to end the tour. The center of the ’burb. The shop, the bar and the pizza/kebab joint all under one roof. What more do you need?

It was nice while it lasted but now I’m leaving. Thanks a lot, bye!

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