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In this overly digital era we have been saturated by the pixels. We are in a point that even when we are looking a film photo, we are looking at it through a display. Like now. It doesn’t take away all it’s shine though. I mean the chemical process of developing film makes it unique in a way that it looks good in whatever medium. Not to say that printed or developed image isn’t totally the best way….

Yeah yeah every photo is unique yeah but you know what I mean. The analog IS different from digital. It is more original somehow.

To be true, I cannot say I have been the ambassador of analog photography (or any photography) in recent years, as you may have noticed from the heading. 😀

So what am I babbling about? I don’t know. Maybe it’s the analog bee that bit me. Maybe it’s the lowered alcohol consumption that got me going. Or maybe it’s something deep that came to surface. In any case, here is (a part of) the first roll of film that I have shot in two decades. I gracefully let go some (most) of the images that I took. So 10/36 images here. But why would I show anything I am not content with? Except if I want to. Maybe some day.

I have to bring the starting shot again here. The man in the photo owns the protected metal sheeted old building standing in the middle of the trainyard. He just ”happened” to walk around the corner like a beacon of light while taking the shot.

Sooo.. it is mostly trains. Because trains are cool. So why not.

The reflections from the bridge glass give an extra touch to the pics.

And just like that we have night. I had Fujifilm Superia 400 as a film so it took the beating pretty well imo.

Maybe I used a lightmeter… hmmm… I’m not sure. A strong maybe it is!

The camera is Minolta X-700. So then again maybe I used the in-built lightmeter… A strong maybe!

Even the new 25 mill bridge looks good on film.

That’s me and that’s that. Thanks for checking it out!

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