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For a long time I have known about these old abandoned oil containers and many times I have been here too. These majestic concrete and iron containers are some of the best photographic subjects you can think of. The dark and wet conrete and rusted steel giants silhouetting the skyline, look fooking awesome. Top that with the dramatic classic chrome film simulation and you are set up for some great photography so let’s go!

The neighbourhood surrounding the containers is a typical suburban area built in the late 70’s and early 80’s mainly consisting of element apartment houses.

The shadow side of the concrete looks awesome in dramatic chrome.

The graffiti just adds more flavour to the rough scenery.

I really like this a bit overexposed image looking like it was taken in the 70’s. This is the magic of the film sims, straight outta JPG’s.

Could not choose which one of these cord pics I liked more so chose both!

A close up of the rusted oil pumps.

    What I really like about in the first of these vertical pics is the direct sunlight – rusted steel – spray paint effect. Looks kinda trippy.

Love the old painted ESSO logo.

I think this is the old gas pump station where the trucks would fill their containers. All rusted up and looking like straight from a scifi movie.

While I was taking this photo, a van pulled up next to me and stopped. The driver looked at me and didn’t look too happy. That’s probably because I was on a restricted area…  We had a tall fence between us so there was nothing he could do. I waved my hand for greeting and took a photo and then walked away. I think he might have taken my picture with his phone before he left but I’m not sure. Anyways, nobody harrassed me after that.

These space station looking bitches are still in use, I think.

Not so nice close up. EXXON you left something behind!

There was this one photography moment that you get sometimes when walking around with a camera. I started to hear weird rattling noise and looked up and there was a woodpecker knocking a lamp post. The rattling noise came from the metallic post hat that was shaking. I took this pic before he went away…

This container rounded up my tour. Heh.

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