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It was a good sunday out although the light was pretty plain. Mostly light gray all the way from ground up. I had the ’rona but was still up for a little stroll in the nearby island. We had been isolated for few days so it seemed a good idea to ”take a hike”. So I took wifey and two younger kids with us + Fuji X-T2 and Minolta X-700.

The composition is not very good in the starting image in my opinion. I took two pictures of that metal frame or whatever it is but my settings were not right. So I took that pic kinda in a hurry. It is still an ok picture but not that strong. I could crop it a bit but I mostly like pics like they come out of the camera.

For me the image processing should happen mostly in the camera before the image gets taken. Not after, although I don’t mind doing some processing. I am not against making the image the best possible you can in whatever methods but for me, it’s about the moment.

The view to the sea at winter.

The mission was as it is stated in the heading, using Fuji film simulation recipe that simulates Kodachrome film. I used Fuji X-T2 with a 35 mm 2.0 Fujinon prime lens while taking these documentary-type images.

I somehow like this Beatles style walking-by shot as the focus is in the scenery.

These shots of my wife were probably the best from this trip. I think they came out great, the pastel colors look beautiful.

S took a nap.

Random victims of random shooting.

So this is my first blog post and you can find out why I started this blog in the About page.

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