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I saw there was a rare occasion coming up in the Finnish winter time. The sky was open and sun was shining. And that made a nice golden hour. An opportunity to cease the moment as they say. A Kodak moment.

Cine Teal pushes green and blue so i thought it might look good in the harbour. And it did. Although I forgot that it was winter and everything was frozen. No water at least near the docks, just solid ice. And floating ice. Nice.

The view to the sea at winter looked absolutely beautiful. The sea is the crushed ice in the front. See sea.

I just had to have a pic of the ass of this new Viking Line Glory cruise ship. Through the fence of course. The ship had just made its maiden voyage but was not on the line yet. It’s just ridiculous that we have a shipyard in Turku that makes these cruisers but this one had to be ordered from China etc. Smh.

I think this was one of the best shots because it captures moment pretty nicely. The flying gulls and the beautiful shadows just do it for me.

This pic of the old storehouse, now a hotel, oozes that good 70’s postcard feeling.

Two minimalistic and one animalistic pic.

I just love this (60’s, 70’s?) trashed office/apartment building in the evening light. I didn’t even want to straighten out the picture since the house was already so askew.

The tighter composition works pretty well too.


It’s busy at the docks.

This pic is here only because it is showing the size of this old propeller.

    The sun started to set and cast that nice golden shower on everything.

Two atmospheric shots of the nearby view.

    I happened to find this 60’s locomotive standing alone in a weird spot. There was no good angle on the engine but because of my love for these bastards I just had to take a shot of the old Henschel.

The classic skyline pic and when it is this 90’s wonky style there is no stepping back.

And here’s the money shot.

This sealed the deal for me. Ehheh.

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