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When the hard spring light was pouring down to the melting snow and icy roads, I had only one thought. I am hungry. Hungry for some monochrome that is!

On a more serious note, the hard mid day light looked so freakin’ tempting that I just had to gear up and hit the streets. Some of the most impressive photos I have ever seen are black and white street shots. The play of the shadows put out so dramatic compositions that it almost seems too easy to get good photos with b&w. Today was no exception. I think I shot few really good ones. And there was a Kodak moment. Again.

Smokes let’s go!

I stepped out my house to the field (of ice) and this row of bitches birches was there waiting for me and mines.

Some close ups of the snow and shadows.

And people.

Look, I know it is boring at this point. But bear with me for a while, it gets a bit better. This is a study so I have to show many angles.

I stood here for a while after I noticed the sunlight was shining on the drops and casting a nice glimmering on the wet asphalt. I almost wet my pants too.

This sandbox full of ice though. Icebox!

Finnish marks on the ground. I’m rich!

This photo of this old house is one of the best from this trip. The dark tones are just beautiful. Although there are some bombs coming up… But anyhow, I had to take a bit tight pic since this house stoods on a property just next to a newer house.

I love hard contrast. Took this snip straight towards backlight.

Myriad of good shots starts here… Not bragging, I just know a good photo when I see one and this hike was blessed with a plethora of ’em.

The tags look crazy good when reflected over the view.

This lady is not in focus but I don’t mind. Nor she.

This one was the bomb. You get it?

This is one of my favorites by far. The cracked plastic sheeting of the bridge makes a crazy good filter.

I like how the backpack’s white circle looks like a tiny version of the timetable clocks.

Trippy trip traps.

I just love the heavy contrast of this pic. Pure street photography right there.

Here’s the money shot. A Kodak moment of a dude sprinting as fast as he can to the train leaving. Below a bit cropped version of another frame.


Everbody onboard the ghost train. Well basically offboard.

And that was that. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ahh almost forgot this one.

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