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Few weeks ago there was an open market outside my daily workplace at the river banks. You know the proper kind of old school market where cheap-jacks sell their overpriced stuff and we happily buy it. I don’t know if this was the first market after Covid-19, but it sure as hell felt like it. There was a lot of people wandering freely and happy with their nostrils in the wind. I too felt it was nice to be around people in a public space not thinking if someone might cough into headwind…

Once again I did two half hour tours for two consecutive days so you might see a bit of difference in the lighting. Saturday was much sunnier than Friday. Also met two other photographers so that was nice.

I didn’t plan this in the first place so I just used the film simulation that I had ready to go, which was Bleach Bypass if I remember correct. It worked pretty good in my opinion but I let you to be the judge…

The balloon seller without his balloons.

Here is the most Russian Finnish person, Ville Haapasalo, selling his Hatsapuri. Hatsapuri is a Georgian cheese bread. To be clear, he judges the attack on Ukraine although he is really really famous in Russia.

This photo is not in focus but who cares. I like the sympathetic old lady.

She sold me the 39.99€/kg priced fudge for fudge’s sake. I took few bits and it was 20 buckaroos. But to be fair, I was simultanously working as a model for our biggest local newspaper TS after I met a photographer working for them. So I got distracted. But she posed for me too nicely after asking. 🙂

The invisible master.

Traditional Finnish delicacy, Vendace.

I like this one.

This is one of the best ones in my opinion.

I also bumped into a photographer She-Ma Semsar, who had an exhibition on the outside walls of Cafe Art. Such an unconventionally happy person to have a talk with. Check her IG here!

Too bad this wasn’t in focus, he looked amazing. 🙂

This is how I stare at my photographs thinking what the hell did I think of.

There were many dogs that seemed a bit freightened.

The fair was a good place to get close to people. With 23 mm lens (35 mm equivalent) you just have to get close to get shots like this. Not to say that this is a good one, just close one.

There she is again!

Mmm, food…

Slava Ukraini!

Secret agents. I didn’t notice until later that on the left side of the photo is a photo of the place that I am basically photographing through mirror. Without the tag on top I don’t think that I would’ve had noticed. Nice detail that just adds more to the photo.

So there’s nothing much to say about these pics, except that I think people look more Russian than normally somehow. All the Finnish babushkas come out when the market starts. 😀

Once again Fuji X100V was used here. I must say that after getting that camera it hasn’t left my sight and it has surpassed my expectations, which were quite high to begin with.

Thanks if you got this far!

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